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4D Rulers seeks marketing partner - September 6th, 2011
4D Rulers is seeking a marketing partner to help monetize our free games and other software. We get millions of downloads and will gladly share the profits with someone who can make the most out of it for us.

Send me your brief resume and high concept of your marketing strategy to
Posted by Joel

Gore Site Back Online - September 6th, 2011
After experiencing some downtime caused by a permission issue with a file on the Gore site, the issue has been resolved.
Posted by Dave

Free advertising for company products! - December 2nd, 2008

4D Rulers would like to announce our free advertising campaign. Prior to this program, advertisers could only purchase in game advertisements in our free game Gore Special Edition, but now we're offering free ads. All you have to do is be willing to give away a sample or samples of your product. We will place an ad in our game of your product, and create a mini game, tournament, or way for users to win a sample of your product. Gore Special Edition gets 1000's of downloads each month and has a steady user base, so over time hundreds of thousands of people will see your ad, all you have to do is give away a few products. The product might also be given away in a death match tournament, etc.

The product can be anything, but preferably it should be of interest to the average gamer who likes a mature shooter game like Gore. If you are interested in getting free advertising for your product, email

Posted by Joel

Updated Art Gallery - November 17th, 2008
4D Rulers is actively seeking art contract work, game development work, or any legitimate computer related paying work. Our updated art gallery showing some new samples of our skills is here:
Posted by Joel

The Big Dream Game Development Program! - November 6th, 2008

Lets face it, everyone has probably had a big dream for a really cool game a time or two and didn't know how to make it a reality or know where to start. These days games have huge budgets, but those budgets are often won by a small team with a big idea that made a playable demo and design document to show a publisher what their great idea is all about.

Want to see your game idea come to reality? Let us bring your big dreams to life by building your game demo for you and assist you in your design document creation, and help you pitch it to a publisher. For as little as 8k (price varies per project and complexity of your game idea) we can create your game demo and help you get it published. We have the game technology and experience to put together a demo quickly. If you have an great idea and some cash, email right now and lets bring your dream game to life!

Posted by Joel

4D Rulers seeks investor, speculates at least a 400% return - September 7th, 2008

Read the full press release here.

Posted by Joel

Gore Special Edition version 1.6.15 - September 4th, 2008

Gore Special Edition has reached version 1.6.15, which includes many gameplay tweaks, and we've also released the development tools which allow users to create their own levels and content for Gore Special Edition. The tools are added automatically in the update, no need to download an SDK. Read the full release thread here. 

Also, we're looking for an angel investor of 20k to 100k, or a publisher for Gore Arcade. Gore Arcade is a top down casual arcade game based on the Gore Franchise. For details, email

Posted by Joel

Gore Special Edition on C|Net's - August 12th, 2008
We're pleased to see that C|Net has published Gore Speical Edition. You can check it out here.
Posted by Joel

Gore Special Edition on File Planet - July 19th, 2008

We spotted Gore SE on fileplanet tonight. Head over to and grab a copy of the full game for free right now, and join in the fun.

Posted by Joel

Gore Special Edition goes gold! - July 8th, 2008

After a year and a half of development, and over half a year of public beta testing, Gore Special Edition has gone gold and is now ready for download. It is a remake of the full original game with many improvements, new features, levels, weapons and more. And best of all its completely FREE.

For $19.99 you can support the game and get a premium key which unlocks special new features. To read more about the game or to download your copy, head over to the Gore site:

4D Rulers is also looking for an in game advertising partner, marketing consultant or anyone who can partner with us to help us monetize this project. For all inquiries, please email me

Posted by Joel

Gore SE Fan Site under construction - March 10th, 2008
We've spotted the new fan site Gore Land is under construction, a site dedicated to promoting Gore Special Edition, organizing clan wars and more.
Posted by Joel

4D Rulers looking for Publisher or Investor for adventure horror game. - February 26th, 2008

4D Rulers Software, established in 1996 is looking for a publisher or investor to create an adventure horror game for the PC. The player will be trapped by a psychopath and have to use his or her wits and the environment to escape the death trap and make it out alive before getting sawed to bits is the basic premise of the game. Imagine Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets the movie Saw and the player is the victim. The title will take approximately one year to develop. The proposed budget is 100-150k. Id be willing to work with a few 30k and up investors. Based on previous titles weve done I would speculate a 300% return for this game minimum. For more information email

Here is an early work in progress screenshot of the game.

Posted by Joel

Gore Special Edition Patch up to 1.56.21 - February 23rd, 2008

We've made quite a few improvements since our last news post, Gore SE is up to version 1.56.21. The latest patch has the following changes:

Gore SE Build 1.56.21

- Made some changes to fix recoil feature. This may fix the infamous "rocket bug".
- Changed observer rules in tactical so you can only observe your team.

- Added render priority to the pickups so they don't overlay the scoreboard.
- Added Anistropic Filtering and Anti Aliasing configuration settings to the video settings menu.
- Various fixes

Game Play:
-Removed zoom from all weapons except sniper rifle.
-Added recoil to most of the weapons. This provides a visual "kick" and makes machineguns harder to hit with and requires some aim correction rather than having perfect accuracy with no mouse movement.
- Added better punch to UMC Heavy Class.
- Removed grendades from Jack in tactical mode.
- Increased spread on small shotgun so it's not so lethal at great distances.

-Rebuilt single player AI for brooklyn.
-Fixed parse errors in gothic and gothic_ctf.
-Fixed ladders and added tags to illegal.
-Added high res textures to coalmine.
-Fixed some bugs in plant, mansion and warehouse.
-Removed underground tunnel in station.
-Added high res textures to tucson.

Also this is probably the last patch before we go gold. Barring any problems we'll be gold in a few weeks with a brand new installer to match the latest version as well as auto cd key installation for the free version of the game, which means no more registration and cd key requests are needed to play the game, just install it and play, the cd key installation will occur behind the scenes.

We're also looking for some gaming sites to help us host the installer. Email me if you can host our installer and get the game out there to as many players as possible.

Posted by Joel

Free Gore Special Edition for a limited time only! - December 21st, 2007
We're giving away free copies of Gore Special Edition for a limited time only. Read more about it here:
Posted by Joel

Gore Special Edition patch 1.56.15 - December 14th, 2007

We've updated Gore Special Edition to 1.56.15

- Fixed the compass marker bug that did not hide markers of other players when you changed teams.

- Fixed Ingram's secondary zoom spread.

Interface: New compass graphics and markers.

- New textures for Brooklyn, replaced brush built boxy looking ladders with rounded modeled ladders, along with the air duct vents as well.

Also we've updated the Gore SE site: showing some comparison screenshots between Gore SE and Gore Ultimate Soldier here:

Posted by Joel


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