September 06, 2008


Joel Huenink
President, Creative Director
4D Rulers Software, Inc.
Phone: 402.239.2493



-- Limited Time Offer WITH 400%+ ROI --

4D Rulers Seeks Investors for casual game

Want a 400%+ ROI on your investment? Read on..

12 years of struggling is enough!
After years of struggling against AAA giants in the first person shooter arena, we’re throwing in the towel. I don’t even play first person shooters any more, so how can I make a successful one with just a small team and limited budgets? My attempts and failures have led me to study what makes a successful company, and it’s shown that in practically any industry, 10% make 90% of all the money. So you need to really have a stand out product to compete, and to make a stand out AAA first person shooter the budgets are beyond our reach. These experts say if you can’t be in the top 10%, then get find a way or change your market.

On to greener pastures…
Years ago I was told to get into casual games. I guess my pride got in the way as I scoffed at such advice. But over time, and thanks to my girlfriend getting stuck on a few casual games and needing help, I sat down to get her past the sticky part, and found myself helplessly addicted to this pathetic low budget attempt to attract my $19.99. I mean seriously, I analyzed the average game she played to be less than 5% of the work we put into a first person shooter. How can such a game command my attention, let alone my bank card? I guess because in less than 30 seconds I was having fun! And then when the time limit ran out, I whipped out my credit card and ordered.

I found myself compelled to play these simple games, because I didn’t have 5 hours a night to play Oblivion any more, nor did I want to work up a sweat or get headaches from  playing intense FPS games any more. Some of these casual games stimulated my mind and not just my reflexes and I found that refreshing. Not to mention my kids loved them too! So I started researching some of the top sellers and read the success story of Pop Cap Games and how they made over 200 million dollars from some games that only took a few months to make by 2 guys. Considering they were just 2 guys in an attic back when I had 20 guys working for me, and now I’m down to 2 guys in an attic and they have a small army of employees and more success than most people even dream of, I figured there is certainly a good opportunity here. And now, with the success of Bionic Commando which sold 130,000 copies last week, I find myself compelled to write this proposal.

400% return on investment 4 sure!
Ok that sounds cheesy, but I know it will work. Read why:
I only want 50k to produce a game with a much higher budget. The title will be Gore Arcade, a top down simple shooter based on the Gore universe. The game will have all new story and missions, but re-use some assets from the original game to save time and money, and in essence “cash in big” on all that hard work we put into Gore, but in a new format from the top down. Dreamcatcher, publisher of Gore, has agreed to allow this with a small royalty in exchange. Gore sold 60,000 copies, so if even half the original Gore consumers purchase at 19.99, the game will gross 600k. That’s not counting new consumers potentially purchasing.

*Invest 50k and get 100% of all royalties up to 50k. Then get 50% royalties for life!
*Digital Distribution gives a product life time shelf life. No stocking costs, no returns, no middlemen taking profits.
*We have a free game, Gore Special Edition which we can advertise Gore Arcade in, and market the product directly to Gore enthusiasts. Gore Special Edition has over 10,000 users and brings in over 1000 new eyes each week who can get introduced to Gore Arcade.
*We have over 2200 die hard Gore player forum members likely to order the product. That alone would produce 44k of income, putting us nearly at a break even point at launch.
*I really can’t see this product NOT recoup the investment. If we can’t sell 2500 copies to break even then I’ll use our auto update and work on this game until I’m 80 years old to make it sell! That’s right, we can update the game after launch and improve it if needed, but my goal is to make a very fun arcade style shooter that sells great.
*If direct sales fail, we can always sell it to a publisher and get overseas licensees to buy teritory distribution rights and easily recoup the 50k.
*We can also get it on some casual game networks like big fish, play first, etc. They take 50% but get it in front of millions of people and fast. Well worth their commission.
*I would estimate we can finish the game in 6 months and a maximum of 12.
My last game gave the publisher a 300% return. Our track record speaks for itself. I KNOW this game WILL MAKE MONEY!!

For more info email, serious inquiries only. Multiple investors possible, but I’d like the investment to be at least 5k so I’m not dealing with too many people.

As a special bonus, if you can come up with 100k before the end of this month, I will personally guarantee this & give you 60% royalty. Thats right, I'll sign a promisarry note and you will get at least all your money back. Now what have you got to lose? Why the 100k you ask? Because I think every penny put in up to 100k is pure gold, and I'll be able to hire two guys full time to help me make this game and it will be that much better! Plus I won't have to deal with 10 5k investors, but just one angel investor and we can get started right away. I'm very excited for the first time in years because I had a vision for this game and I just know its going to work. All we need is 2500 people to agree at 19.95 and its pure gravy after that! (unless we get the 100k budget then we need 5000 orders). Still even our worst selling game sold WAY more copies than 5000. There is absolutely no way this game will fail.


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