AMP2 Game Engine
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4D Rulers - Developers Area

Difficulties can arise in any project. Maybe they are time constraints, or a budget doesn't allow you to hire the an additional programmer things created when they need to be. Our software solutions allow you to easily acquire proven software to enhance into your game or workflow while saving you both time and money.

The AMP2 Game Engine from 4D Rulers is designed for the creation of commercial video games, virtual walk through simulations and training simulation software using next generation graphical features and effects

It's purpose is to deliver productivity and enough flexibility so even small design teams can produce results, stay on schedule and meet goals outlined by their publisher.

Bugs, a bonus pack and many other things can cause a developer to issue an update for their game. Due to end users who are impatient, or not  computer or internet savvy, that patch can be left untouched.

Available for all game engines, our Automated Update SDK allows you to implement into your game engine the ability for end users have this task become a completely pain-free, fast and automated experience.

Normal Maps for 3D objects and characters can be created easily with our powerful normal map generator plug-in for 3D Studio Max.

Use normal maps to create more realistic and true to life models by taking advantage of real-time lighting to bring far more surface detail to your model than previously possible.