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The Normal Map Generator is an affordable production quality plugin for 3D Studio Max 6, 7 and 8 which allows users to easily create high quality, high resolution Normal Maps.

Users will only need to learn a few very basic rules to allow them to successfully use the tool, which are easy to learn for beginner models and no problem at all for experienced artists. Once you get started you will be able to create quality artwork for impressive visual effects.

Everything you need to hit the ground running with normal mapping is included in the package. You get the normal mapper itself, as well as documentation to show you the basic guidelines of setting up models for normal mapping, as well as identifying common mistakes. This will help artists who are new to normal mapping quickly overcome any initial speedbumps and quickly develop a fast and efficient workflow.

Fast, and Easy To Use - Learn the few basic rules of normal mapping and begin creating normal maps from high polygon models. Controls are straightforward and simple.

Generate Height Maps - Not only can you generate normal maps, but you also have the option of generating standard black and white height maps as well. Common uses for this include use for debugging, and editing in Photoshop with the intent of running the height map through a 2D normal map filter.

Height Map Blending - In addition to rendering a normal map from a high polygon model, you may use a black and white height map using painted details. This will blend the painted height map with the information from the high polygon model to allow smaller details such as chips, scuffs and scratches to be hand painted on a height map texture instead of modeled on.

Adjustable Height Map Strength - When blending a height map with the results of a rendered normal map from a high polygon base, you can adjust the amount of influence the height map will have on the normal map when it is rendered. This is useful for quick subtle adjustments to strength, and helping to avoid needing to edit your height map for small changes in pixel brightness.

High Resolution Normal Maps - Normal maps can be rendered at sizes from as small as 16x16 pixels, to as large as 2048x2048. All possible non-square size combinations are also possible, such as 128x2048 pixels.

Super Sampling - 2x Super Sampling is supported to help smooth out jagged edges in the normal map textures which may result from tiny details in a high model in combination rendering to a low resolution. If additional Super Sampling is required, 3x and 4x modes are also available. Super Sampling may also be disabled to allow for fast renders for users who wish to check for any model errors before waiting for a higher quality render.

Manage Files Easy, Work Fast - To help users manage their texture files and speed up their work flow by being able to find files easier, the Normal Mapper identifies and filters normal maps and height maps by using a common extension which comes before the targa (.tga) extention, and filters all other textures out of save and load windows. This allows users rerendering normal maps as they work to quickly find their file to overwrite because only bumpmaps will show in the explorer window. When loading one of your detail height maps, only height maps will show in the explorer window.