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4D Automated Update is a stand alone program and middleware SDK which will automatically download patches and updates for your software products. It is easily integrated into any game engine or software you are developing, and allows you to define download locations for patches to update your software. Fix bugs, add new features, content or other updates to your software with total confidence that your customers will get them.

Customers will love having bugs fixed and updates installed without having to navigate to your web site, or get lost in slow cluttered ad filled third party sites to locate a patch for your software.

When your software is launched, 4D Automated Update kicks in and checks your master server for the latest version (this takes a millisecond) and if there is a new patch available, it will download and install the patch or updates. 4D Automated Update can be used for games, or any other Windows software.

Fast & Easy Updating - Customers are able to update their software with very little effort, allowing them to be sure they are always updated with the latest fixes and features.

Self Updating Capability - Not only can you automatically update your software, but should any updates be available for the updater itself, the client is capable of downloading and installing updates for itself just as easily as it does for your software.

Improve Customer Support - With automated updating, your customer support team can always be sure that a customer will be very much more likely to have the latest version of your software, and can avoid wasting precious time trying to direct customers to the proper download sites and walking them through an installation.

Manual Update Support - If you wish, the client can be configured to be to be manually engaged so the customer can choose to update when they want to.

Keep Users In Sync - In situations such as games where multiple copies of your software will be working together, version conflicts are avoided by all players games updating themselves to the newest version.

Verified Downloads - All updates downloaded for software are verified by a MD5 checksum to be correct and undamaged before the update is ever installed.

Configurable Download Locations - Choose where you want the updates to be downloaded from. This in combination with the self updating feature can allow you to update the client to download from a new location should you ever need to change download servers.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to stay in control of your software after it launches? With auto update you can! Create patches for bug fixes or new features and content, and they will be delivered to your customers automatically the next time they launch the program.

We’ve seen countless online games where the developers make new levels and then the people that have not downloaded the patches end up getting kicked off the server, which can only lead to frustration. Every time a new level loads up on the game server, they are all booted out for not having the necessary level or patch. With auto update, all your customers will always have the latest version of your software.

With all your products auto updated, you will receive a lot less bug reports. Nothing is worse than a bug report from a product that is several years old and you fixed the bugs in patches years ago as well, yet someone will buy your product in the bargain bin or on Ebay, and once again, here come the same bug reports to haunt your customer support team. Less bug reports equals a more efficient customer support team.

Let’s face it. Nearly all shipped products end up with a few bugs that need patched. Usually they are found right after your product ships, and most developers fix their bugs as fast as possible.

However, without an auto update system, all your clients will see these bugs, thus making you look bad, despite fixing them right after your product launched. With auto update, any client who purchases your software after you have the patch ready will never see the bug! Your business will look much more professional, and your customers will be a lot happier if there are no bugs to report.

Get tired of asking that question to your customers before you can verify their bug or even begin to help them?

With auto update integrated into your software, the answer will be the same for all your customers, and you’ll never have to ask it again! They will all be running THE LATEST VERSION, which means if you do get a bug report, you know it will probably be legitimate, and not some old bug that was fixed in patch number 0.6.1, etc